The Canadian coffee culture

Today’s article brings to light the short history of coffee in Canada and sheds more light on Canadians coffee drinking habits.

Coffee, the rich golden taste, the tantalizing aroma when freshly brewed, the instant kick of caffeine to the system, the rejuvenating start to a fresh morning, a sort of ambrosia to humans. Little wonder why coffee is the most sought-after drink of the Canadian populace. It can certainly be agreed that coffee has been in existence since the 16th century. It was cultivated, packaged and exported worldwide from countries like Europe, Asia, and Vietnam. Historians argue that a man by name captain John Smith introduced coffee to North America. However, accounts of this statement, coffee is also claimed to have been in existence before the captain arrived in Canada. In the early days of Canada, coffee houses abounded. They served coffees, alcohol and other beverages. Most coffee houses also offered accommodation opportunities and rapidly became the preferred spot to seal business deals. As Canada developed, coffee became a sort of national drink owing to its fame in part to the Canadian climate.

Coffee culture in Canada

The Canadian coffee culture

The Canadian climate can be extremely cold, sometimes dropping to temperatures below – 38°c. This factor alone contributes largely to the coffee drinking habits of Canadians. Coffee with its rich, dark golden brew and its accompanying aroma definitely makes for a soothing and relaxing drink on a cold morning. The caffeine kick is certainly another factor as it makes for a good wake up call to the body during a cold and stressful day. A cup of coffee brewed to your taste, warm layers of wool clothing and a newspaper in one hand, life really couldn’t be better at that moment.

Do Canadians have a national coffee drink? Apart from the maple flavored espresso, Canadians don’t really have a national coffee drink. They love their coffee, period. It could be flavored, creamed, strong black, decaffeinated or a latte, a true Canadian would drink it. The strong love of coffee by Canadians propelled the boom of cafes and coffee shops in Canada. These cafes serve all types of coffee accompanied by food to cater to Canadian cravings. It is usually easy to tell a Canadian from an America when the order arrives and there’s a can of diet coke rather than a cup of coffee, then it’s probably an American.

One company that can’t be forgotten when talking about the Canadian coffee culture is Tim Horton coffee company. The company was founded in the early 1960’s by a hockey player named Tim Horton in Ontario, Canada. The chain has expanded ever since its inception and has slowly but surely catered to the cravings of Canadian coffee drinkers. If there’s ever a Canadian coffee treasure chest, a miniature Tim Horton would surely be in that chest.

Whatever it may be, cheap sweet coffee, bitter and strong coffee, flavored or unflavored, a cup of coffee and a true Canadian are like two peas in a pod. Separation is next to impossible between these two.