Fast food – a rose or a thorn

It is a known fact that as the world modernizes, individual lifestyles become more hectic. This frenzy leads to a rise in the demand for fast food and takeout meals in a bid to curb hunger pangs during the day. People tend to view the time spent for cooking as the time that could be put to alternative productive purposes. These foods, however, are mostly processed and contain lots of calories and substances which might be harmful to one’s health. This begs the question, is fast food really the solution? There are always two sides to a story, and the aim of this article is to list both sides of this proverbial coin to help readers arrive at their own conclusions.

Pro-fast food views

Fast food - a rose or a thorn

Quick and easy: These meals are quick to prepare and help save valuable food preparation time for those who are always on the go. Be it a working mother, a young professional or a student, a phone call order or a drive-thru solves the hunger pangs.

Affordable: Most taken out meals are often more affordable than a dine in or homemade meal. They offer less expensive options and do not consume so much time during preparation.

Convenience: Convenience has become the watchword for most takeout restaurants. They are situated in almost every corner, and they offer a variety of options that cater to customers cravings, be it vegan, vegetarians or meat eaters.

Habit: Most individuals have become accustomed to fast foods and take-outs. A quick stop at the Cafe in the corner for breakfast, a 5 mins drive-thru for lunch and a phone call order for Chinese, pizza or Mexican make-up dinner. This scenario has become the habit for most professional Americans and Canadians.

More health-conscious choices: Fast food chains have added healthy options to their menus so as to cater for those who are more health conscious than the average individual. A side order of salad, a plate of whole wheat sandwiches to go with a cup of organic coffee and much more. Healthy choices even for those in a hurry to attend their daily activities.

Anti-fast food views

High-calorie content. It is without a doubt that most fast foods come with a high degree of calorie that exceeds the recommended calorie intake, which in turn is harmful to health. High intake of calories often leads to obesity, heart diseases, and diabetes if not checked and regulated.

Meals which are produced en masse usually boycott some health and sanitary procedures. Also, for the food to remain unchanged, a high amount of preservatives are used. Such amount of preservatives shouldn’t be consumed on a regular basis.

Anti-fast food activists often use the lack of quality time with family to buttress their stand against fast food options. They claim that due to the absence of home prepped meals; families lose out on quality bonding during meal time.

It is true that fast food meals offer a solution to nutrition problems but are also a cause of health issues arising related to food. In this case, moderation is the answer. Fast food should be consumed but in moderate quantities and they should be coupled with lots of exercises and homemade healthy meals as much as possible.