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51 Hastings Street West
Vancouver, BC V6B 1G4 – on Google Maps

Acme caféwas once a highly revered eatery in Vancouver and attracted many singles, families and business acquaintances. Unfortunately, the café has closed and another business now occupies the premises.

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Naturally, some bistros can outperform most of their counterparts for various fronts. Acme café was one of them, offering the friendliest, most considerate service personnel, mouth-watering cuisines and incredible welcoming ambiance in the city. Many customers have walked out of acme café satisfied with both the food and service.

The café used to host the evening after-work gatherings and discussions. Among the café’s regular customers were employees of such companies as:

Acme cafés location

This café is at the heart of Vancouver’s Hastings Street and is open during regular working hours during weekdays. It has been operational at the historic Paris Block since 2010. They also provide upfront prices for their dishes. Here is a brief review of Vancouver’s once most sought-after eatery.

Acme cafés location

First time visitors in Vancouver rarely have a hard time locating this infamous eatery. First, acme café is found in the historic Paris building, most famous because of Pierre Paris and Sons Shoes. The family sold logging boots in this very building for almost 60 years. The Paris Block is at the corridors of Hastings Street, which was once the City’s entertainment and retail core.

In 2010, the owners of Acme café, Alan and Peggy Hoffman, initiated the development of the café. The eatery is close to the community since that spot was there during the City’s glory days. On weekdays, the café was open for normal working hours and from 11 am during weekends.

Acme café’s pricing

Tasty dishes are not the only things that attract prospect clients to a restaurant. Many restaurants that serve flavorsome cuisines charge hefty prices for them. However, at Acme café, this was not the case. You would get tasty, nutritious meals at knockout prices.

For instance, if you only had 14$ in your pocket, you could order a breakfast sandwich that has ham, Swiss cheese, Dijon mayo, and green organic salad.

Acme café’s pricing

However, the prices were reasonably affordable. You should note that inferior meals go for less and restaurants that offer excellent quality dishes and services have to mark-up their prices.

Acme Cafe Menu

Any restaurant that prepares delicious cuisines is bound to receive loads of traffic. In Gastown, Acme café was your go-to restaurant if you required tasty and well-served meals. You could order various meals, including Baked Eggs Benny, which is made by English muffins, cheddar, free-range eggs, and ham.

The Smoked Salmon Benny is another cuisine that is adored by many. This meal was made with hollandaise cause, green salad and shredded redskin potatoes. There are several other dishes that you could order at Acme café, such as Acme frittata, potato, and cheddar perogies as well as housemade beef chili. Their sumptuous breakfast, lunch and dinner menus consisted of delicious and nutritious dishes.

Kids’ menu available for children 12 & under

Customer reviews and testimonials

Exceptional customer service is one of the distinctive traits that separate an outstanding restaurant from all other competitors. Acme café was among the many credible restaurants in Hastings Street, Vancouver, that offered terrific services.

A friendly staff is also beneficial to any refectory, especially when new customers visit the bistro. There are several ways to check the quality of customer service a restaurant has to offer. From testimonials to customer reviews and expert ratings, you can gauge which eatery provides exceptional services.

Reviewing customer testimonials and expert ratings also help to identify the pros and cons of any given eatery. Below is a table of acme café pros and cons based on customer reviews and testimonials:

The staff is a friendly bunchSlightly pricey menus
Amazing food and serviceThe menu could be broader
Exotic and cozy ambiance
Operations start early

Here are some reviews about Acme café:

Great local cafe, friendly staff and good breakfast menu.

Very clean and very modern dining room. The menu offers great choices fir meals. I picked the eggs Benedict: wow. The waitress advised me that they make it very differently and it was delicious!

Loved the food, the staff, the interior and, of course, the specialty coffee. Highly recommend.

Carson K.

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New business in town

Owners of Acme café recently sold the commercial space on which their restaurant was located. Both loyal customers and critics still have mixed feelings after the shocking news. The closure followed a successful seven-year run that saw the restaurant achieve more growth than anticipated. In 2015, the restaurant had captured so many hearts and emerged winners of the coveted Certificate of Excellence.

Moroccan restaurant Moltaqa

A new Moroccan restaurant called Moltaqa has now occupied the space previously owned by Acme café. The restaurant’s setting is casual and filled with an exotic atmosphere. It provides Moroccan cuisines that are healthy and nutritious. The Moroccan cuisine, also ras el hanout, is known for its spiciness. Over a dozen spices go into their famous dishes.

Are there other Acme cafés?

Acme café Nanaimo

No. But there is another restaurant, Acme café Nanaimo, with a name that is identical to the Vancouver restaurant. However, it is from a completely different region. The restaurant, which is located in British Colombia, Canada, is also a proud winner of the 2016 certificate of excellence. Many aspects separate the two restaurants apart from their location. Some of them include:


Acme café Nanaimo specializes in the preparation of seafood and other healthy Canadian cuisines. It is the opposite of what the Acme café menu in Vancouver provided, as they prepared all kinds of foods, including cakes and cookies.


All Acme cafés are known for affordable meals. However, Acme café Nanaimo provides foods that are pricey compared to its Vancouver counterpart.

There are numerous top-class restaurants you can compare to acme café within Vancouver and its environs. Nonetheless, there is never an overall best, as every eatery offers outstanding features. These features make various clients appreciate them and what they do. What you need is to find reputable restaurants that provide a wide variety of healthy and nutritious dishes.

There are several hallmarks you can check to gauge a restaurant’s competence and reputation. You should also look beyond the meals and review other aspects such as hygiene, staff attitude and type of services offered, experience, previous legal issues and environmental policies, among others. It all depends on your preferences.

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